Foot care

Foot care and epidermal and nail disorders (nail clipping, ingrown toenails, hyperkeratosis (corns), calluses, cracks, diabetic feet).

The medical center offers treatments such as orthoplasty, orthonyxia and onychoplasty to relieve pain and improve quality of life thanks to an efficient follow-up.

My mission is to accompany you in the prevention of these diseases.

Different techniques:

  • Orthoplasty: Custom-made orthotics made to protect and/or correct toe deformities
  • Onychoplasty : Nail reconstruction (mycosis, onycholysis, subungual hematoma,...)
  • Orthonyxis: nail orthosis to correct the abnormal curvature of the nail, in order to avoid the recurrence of ingrown toenails


For whom ? :

Any person requiring podiatric care:

  • Children

  • Adults

  • Seniors

  • Sportsmen

  • Diabetics