Welcome to your Dietician-Nutritionist in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert


Hi! I'm delighted to welcome you to my profile. Are you looking for a multilingual **diététicien-nutritionniste** in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert? You've come to the right place! Here, we speak French, English, German, Arabic, and Dutch, and above all, we talk about nutrition in a simple and cheerful way.


Your Expert in Weight Loss, Diabetes, Cholesterol and Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Want to lose weight without losing your smile? Manage your diabetes or cholesterol without turning your back on your favorite foods? Or perhaps you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome and are looking for a proven solution? I specialize in these areas and am certified by MONASH University for the low-FODMAP diet. Together, we'll find solutions that respect your body and your tastes.


Culinary philosophy: Savour every bite


Forget about diets that make you shudder just at the thought of starting them. Eating a balanced diet? It doesn't mean giving up the joy of eating. On the contrary, it's about transforming your regular meals into healthy feasts you'll love. Food should be a pleasure, never a punishment.


The Art of Little Change


My mantra? As few changes as possible. I analyze your eating habits and suggest small adaptations to maximize benefits while minimizing upheaval. If you love pizza, let's see how you can make it a little healthier. It's as simple as that.


Become a Food Expert


I'm here to illuminate the path to healthy eating. Learning to distinguish between good and bad food choices will become a game for you. Discover a world of beneficial foods that you'll not only prefer, but crave.


Ready to Transform Your Plate?


Don't wait any longer, make an appointment! Whether you want to optimize your diet for health, well-being or pleasure, I'm here to help. In Woluwe-Saint-Lambert and beyond, let's transform the way you eat, for life.