Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is an ancestral discipline consisting of applying painless pressure to various parts of the feet in order to stimulate organs or organic functions (such as constipation...).

Inspired by the techniques of shiatsu and acupuncture, it is very similar to them. Its objective is to restore a certain balance between the parts of the body and to initiate / promote a self-healing process.

From this point of view, reflexology aims to relax muscles and tendons, to relieve certain tensions (back pain, migraines, neuralgia...), but also to stimulate the hormonal and/or immune system (premenstrual syndrome...), to alleviate the state of fatigue and to promote circulation, both blood and lymphatic.

Foot reflexology cannot replace a traditional treatment, but it is indicated to complete a traditional medical follow-up thanks to its soothing and relaxing virtues: it will help to relieve sleep disorders for example, but also to limit certain side effects of chemotherapy...

Several sessions will ensure a better effectiveness of the treatment, between 4 and 5 most of the time, beginning with one session per week, then one per month, depending on the needs.
In case of a more sporadic treatment, at seasonal changes, or annually, depending on the needs of each individual, several "refresher" sessions can be performed.

As with many treatments, there are contraindications: foot injury or infection; phlebitis or advanced heart disease; hemophilia; first trimester pregnancy...

When in doubt, always ask your personal doctor.