Orthopedic Manual Therapy

Orthopedic manual therapy is a specialization of physical therapy for neuromusculoskeletal pathologies.

Manual therapy is based on scientific evidence, clinician expertise and rigorous clinical examination.

Joint manipulation and mobilization are manual techniques used by the physical therapist/manual therapist.

These are combined with posture correction, active exercises, as well as self-care of the client to allow improvements to last over time.

Examples include: 

  •  Manipulations

  •  Joint mobilizations

  •  Deep friction massage

  •  Deep cross-sectional frictions

  •  Myofascial techniques: trigger points and dry needling

  •  Mckenzie method

  •  Harmonization technique

  •  Neurodynamic techniques

  •  Stabilization and neuromuscular coordination exercises


  •  Reduce pain and other symptoms

  •  Optimize the patient's functional activities in an efficient and sustainable way.