Algology / Chronic pain

Pain is our body's alarm system.

By attracting our attention, the painful perception makes us aware of a threat. However, as with any system, it can sometimes fail, dysfunction or even break. This is what happens in chronic low back pain/cervical pain, fibromyalgia, algoneurodystrophy (now called CRPS), etc. Algology is interesting for these abnormal or pathological pain situations.

The physiotherapist is a key player in the management of chronic pain,
especially for musculoskeletal pain (spinal pain, fibromyalgia...).
He uses tools allowing the patient to tame and get control of his pain, help
him to better live with it, or even to get rid of it.

In addition to manual techniques (massage, mobilization...), the physiotherapist uses gentle physical exercises, relaxation, pain management strategies, pacing... The physiotherapist has however no magical powers, he/she advises, trains and gives tools to the patient but the patient remains responsible for his/her treatment and progress.

The main objective of the treatment is the patient's autonomy.